The Daily Record SEPTEMBER 19, 2006 - by Beverley Lyons


KT knocks back stars' top recording pad for a small, smelly venue...

Scots singer-songwriter KT Tunstall picked a small, smelly studio over a big, luxury complex to record her next album.

St Andrews star KT, who has become world famous with her debut album Eye To The Telescope, reckons she lost the true vibe of her new album in the famous Rockfield studio in Wales.

The studio has been used by stars such as Queen, Paul Weller and Ozzy Osbourne in the past, but KT's time there earlier in the year didn't convince her it was right.

She wrote on her web diary: "We started recording album two at Rockfield in Wales, but to be honest it just didn't suit me - too many options and too much space. I still need it low-key and wee.

"We made some demos in a great little '70s studio in London and found ourselves trying to emulate the wicked vibe we had going, so we thought stuff the big studio, let's do it in a little, smelly one.

"So I'm now really excited about making an album in London. That city vibe must make its way under the door."

KT is currently in the US after a month off where she took some time out from touring - going on the road again on what was literally a busman's holiday.

She said: "My month off was bliss, and as incredible as Vietnam was, it didn't quite beat the' 77 VW Camper that Lucky and I drove round northern England for a week. Our mates met up with us at Lindisfarne and questioned our sanity at the fact we rented a bus to sleep on for our holiday... but it was magic. I could have carried on for a year and a day."

Now that she's back and on top form KT's been touring the States in her environmentally aware bio-fuel bus appearing on shows like Cartoon Network and playing gigs including Austin City Limits in Texas.

She said: "Everyone is bouncy and blushing back on tour, and we've already had some cracking gigs. Should be fun playing for some kiddies, it's lovely seeing them go mental."

KT, who had to make a third video for song Suddenly I See to appeal to the US market, also revealed that she'd been spending more time with her old pal Jools Holland - and his friend Brian Eno.

She met up with Jools to record a song for his new album of covers.

She said: "The reason Jools Holland got in touch is because I've since recorded a tune for his album of country covers by various bods - Eno included - and I decided to do Darkness On The Face Of The Earth from Willie Nelson's amazing Teatro album."

Her Eno experience was also a bizarre moment for the star.

She admitted: "By some weird aligning of planets, I find myself eating Lebanese food, listening to tales told by the man sitting next to me. What a fascinating, charismatic man he is too.

"He said one of the highlights of his career was playing a cameo bishop on Father Ted."